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boucherie: n
Chinese translation(s) for : boucherie
boucherie [n]
butchery [En]
屠杀 { ♪ tusha}
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Phrase(s) for : boucherie
Les vaches de boucherie, contrairement aux vaches à lait, ne sont pas traites quotidiennement. [French]
La boucherie ouvre jusqu'à 5 h 00, mais le reste du magasin ferme à 8 h 00. [French]
ⓘThis sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Cette boucherie est tout autant spécialisée dans le gros que le demi-gros. [French]

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mechanically skillfulrelating to or concerned with machinery or tools; "mechanical arts"; "mechanical design"; "mechanical skills"
zoologicalof or relating to animals or animal groups; "zoological garden"
zoologicalconcerning the study of animals and their classification and properties; "zoological research"
protozoologicalconcerning the branch of zoology that studies protozoans
protozoalof or relating to the Protozoa
protozoanof or relating to the Protozoa
protozoicof or relating to the Protozoa
rentalof or relating to rent; "rental agreement"; "rental charges"
rentalavailable to rent or lease; "a rental car"
rickettsialrelating to or caused by rickettsias

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