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ductile: n
Tamil translation(s) for : ductile
ductile [n]
நீளும் { ♪ naiilauma}
Phrase(s) for : ductile
The metal is ductile and can be used in jewelry making. [English]
Los aceros al carbono son más dúctiles que los aceros al silicio. [Spanish]
Phrase(s) for : ductile
a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
a soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element; occurs in association with zinc ores
a ductile gray metallic element of the lanthanide series; used in lighter flints; the most abundant of the rare-earth group
a soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at normal temperatures); the most electropositive and alkaline metal
a ductile malleable reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metallic element; occurs in various minerals but is the only metal that occurs abundantly in large masses; used as an electrical and thermal conductor
a ductile silvery-white ductile ferromagnetic trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

Few words

ductilecapable of being shaped or bent or drawn out; "ductile copper"; "malleable metals such as gold"; "they soaked the leather to made it pliable"; "pliant molten glass"; "made of highly tensile steel alloy"
ductileeasily influenced

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