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red-breasted sapsuckerwestern North American sapsucker
Sphyrapicus varius ruberwestern North American sapsucker
genus Jynxwrynecks
wryneckOld World woodpecker with a peculiar habit of twisting the neck
Picumnusa genus of Picidae
genus Picumnusa genus of Picidae
piculetsmall woodpeckers of South America and Africa and East Indies having soft rounded tail feathers
family Capitonidaebarbets
barbetsmall brightly colored stout-billed tropical bird having short weak wings
family Bucconidaepuffbirds
puffbirdbrownish tropical American bird having a large head with fluffed out feathers
Indicatoridaehoney guides
family Indicatoridaehoney guides
honey guidesmall bird of tropical Africa and Asia; feeds on beeswax and honey and larvae
family Galbulidaejacamars
jacamartropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumage
family Ramphastidaetoucans
toucanbrilliantly colored arboreal fruit-eating bird of tropical America having a very large thin-walled beak
Aulacorhyncusa genus of Ramphastidae
genus Aulacorhyncusa genus of Ramphastidae