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Few words

slapthe act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand
slapshota fast shot made with a short powerful swing of the hockey stick
slapstickacoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together; used by an actor to make a loud noise without inflicting injury when striking someone
thigh-slappera joke that seems extremely funny
slapsticka boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes
slapa blow from a flat object (as an open hand)
backslappersomeone who demonstrates enthusiastic or excessive cordiality
slappera hitter who slaps (usually another person) with an open hand; "someone slapped me on the back and I turned to see who the slapper was"; "my father was the designated spanker in our family"
slap onapply carelessly; "slap some paint onto the wall"
slaphit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand; "The impatient teacher slapped the student"; "a gunshot slapped him on the forehead"
slap togethermake hastily and carelessly
backslapdisplay excessive cordiality (towards); "he is always backslapping his colleagues at staff meetings"
slappedstruck with especially the open hand; "hung his head like a cuffed and chastised child"; "wondered which was the worse punishment, her slapped face or her injured feelings"
slapdashmarked by great carelessness; "a most haphazard system of record keeping"; "slapdash work"; "slipshod spelling"; "sloppy workmanship"
slaphappydazed from or as if from repeated blows; "knocked silly by the impact"; "slaphappy with exhaustion"
slap-upvery good; "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing"
slapstickcharacterized by horseplay and physical action; "slapstick style of humor"
slaphappycheerfully irresponsible; "carefree with his money"; "freewheeling urban youths"; "had a harum-scarum youth"
slapdirectly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
slapdashdirectly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
slap-bangin a violent or sudden or noisy manner; "the pans fell slam-bang and woke the whole house"
slapdashin a careless or reckless manner; "the shelves were put up slapdash"
slap-bangdirectly or immediately; "it hit slap-bang in the middle"