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lepus: noun

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Lepustype genus of the Leporidae: hares
genus Lepustype genus of the Leporidae: hares
Lepus europaeuslarge hare introduced in North America; does not turn white in winter
Lepus townsendilargest hare of northern plains and western mountains of United States; brownish-gray in summer and pale gray in winter; tail nearly always all white
Lepus californicusthe common jackrabbit of grasslands and open areas of western United States; has large black-tipped ears and black streak on the tail
Lepus arcticusa large Arctic hare of North America; almost completely white in winter
Lepus americanuslarge large-footed North American hare; white in winter
Lepusa constellation in the southern hemisphere near Orion and Columba
picklepusssomeone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression