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Few words

pulleddrawn toward the source of the force; "this exercise must be done with the arms pulled back"
drawnused of vehicles pulled forward (often used in combination); "horse-drawn vehicles"
producedthat is caused by; "if...such a change is produced by...insulin comas or electroshocks"; "the emotional states produced by this drug"
scoldingwho is rebuking severely; "the scolding father"
straiteneddistressed or embarrassed (especially financially)
streamingexuding a bodily fluid in profuse amounts; "his streaming face"; "her streaming eyes"
surmountedhaving something on top; "columns surmounted by statues"
dockedthat in a dock; "a docked ship"
crunchedreduced to small pieces; "crunched nuts"
embodiedexpressed by; "the idea embodied in the text"

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