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vocalicbeing or containing or characterized by vowels; "vocalic sounds"; "the Gaelic language being uncommonly vocalic"- Walter Scott
vowellikehaving characteristics of a vowel sound; "the vowellike nature of `r''"
consonantalbeing or marked by or containing or functioning as a consonant; "consonantal sounds"; "a consonantal Hebrew text"; "consonantal alliteration"; "a consonantal cluster"
stoppablecapable of being stopped; "if we pick up our pace he may be stoppable"
abatablecapable of being abated
unstoppablenot capable of being stopped; "as unstoppable as the wind"
unbeatablehard to defeat; "an unbeatable ball team"
syllabicconsisting of a syllable or syllables; constituting a syllable or the nucleus of a syllable; consisting of a consonant sound not accompanied in the same syllable by a vowel sound or consisting of a vowel sound dominating the other vowel sounds in a syllab
disyllabichaving or characterized by or consisting of two syllables
monosyllabichaving or characterized by or consisting of one syllable

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